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Just want to contribute on creating smartphone applications by publishing locally at first, hopefully later on can go international..
Ideally just want to share these apps for FREE for EVER..
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Some Apps are published at Google Play store, some others you can get on this website. Apps on the website are usually the old version or other version that don't give a fuck of store's publishing apps rules.

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App: MixTapeBox Community Edition

Ah.. What a good ol' days.. MixTapeBox brings those back to you as A Rich Featured Retro MP3 Player Hybrid. It's like having your MixTape in a Box.

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How To: Set App in Power-saving exceptions

Enjoying music but suddenly it stopped while your device sleeping? Just set the app in Power-saving exceptions.

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Game: HiLoCard

A simple Card game guessing higher or lower the hidden card is This game is just for fun. Please do not use it for an actual gambling..

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Fix: Insufficient Storage Available

While installing, an error came up: “Insufficient Storage Available” and.. installation fails. Or out of nowhere GMail stop sync’ing mails. What am I supposed to do?

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How To: Move App to SDCard in Advance

Wanna move your favourite app from Phonecard to SDcard, but there's no option for it? What am I supposed to do? Trick it..

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App: kolorAle

Confused on determine which color best fit to your design? Install this on your Android gadget, guaranteed to be helpful. Yup, kolorAle is not just another Color Picker..

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